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Be more than just another pop-up ad

Yet again, it is coffee break at the office, the fifteenth one since I got here today. Well, I must’ve lost count at some point but there’s nothing more refreshing than the sweetness of freshly brewed highland coffee. This specific batch was craftily nurtured on the slopes of the majestic Kilimanjaro!

fun time uninterrupted

What better thing to do during my million coffee breaks than to crack myself up over YouTube funny clips? Which brings me to my point… is it just me or there’s a silent ritual about everyone on YouTube which goes like: click a link to a video, video loads, wait for the 5-second Ad countdown, Skip ad, enjoy your video. I can bet it on my left pinky finger that you do it too! In the age of web-based marketing campaigns, every brand must strive to be more than just clutter, more than just an annoying advert that ruins everyone’s ‘coffee break’… more than part of another pop-up skipping ritual.

"Top on the list of every brands objectives should be to build desire, cultivate loyalty… spark a movement." ~ Unknown

We all have ad-blockers on our browsers, we block pop-ups, skip YouTube ads… virtually everyone today faithfully protects themselves from the unnecessary annoyance of ads you don’t need. Google has tried to counter this behavior by deploying targeted ads after rigorously analyzing metadata from your browser’s history to know the kind of things you are into. Nonetheless, the winning brand must find it in its personality to overcome these barrier that screens them off from their intended customers.

Let your brand be the difference

Today, consumers won’t spend their savings on a brand ‘just because’. My trips to the coffee shop lately have progressively turned out to be very uneventful. Why would I buy a cup of cappuccino for KES350, while I can brew my own special Kilimanjaro cocktail for less any time!? For the take-out coffee to win, it must be more than ‘just coffee’… it better do something more than just steam out of the fancy looking paper cup… or be more than the short-lived foamy coffee art.
We are all consumers by nature… rather, I have a dangerously addictive obsession for good coffee. But even as our 'coffee breaks' remain unlimited throughout my work day, our finances dwindle by the day. These conditions draw consumers towards making purchases that go beyond satisfying their individual consumerisms… brands that impact, brands that change the world. Which brings me to how I got my coffee… Late last year, I went on a friend’s final road trip in Moshi, Tanzania. At the event, the village women served us heavenly coffee in the tiniest excuses for Chinese tea cups. Long story short, I grabbed me a full jug of the brew, and ordered a kilo of the roasted beans for future pleasures. In that small way, I and others left a few prized Kenyan bank notes in that hidden Tanzanian village.

Make your brand worth more than just its cost?

The secret to crafting a winning brand lies in:
1. Focus - Avoid the inclination to say the whole story… try and be surgically precise.
2. Summon emotions - If you want a brand culture that sinks in deeper and holds longer, speak to client’s affections, touch their hearts.


3. Be human and relatable - Every brand has its own personality. Turn yours into a living, breathing, ‘human’ entity. Let you customers feel a little piece of them in your brand.
4. Loosen up - It is never that serious… seriously! Be bold, but don’t forget to be playful too.
5. Engage - By sparking tension or curiosity, let your brand interact with its consumers. Pose a challenge, let them question their perceptions, or float ideas of your brand.

Make it your active duty today, to be a brand that isn't swatted so easily off our phone and computer screens. Be more than just a pop-up that gets ignored.

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