Hidden behind the curtain: brands itching to get out

Every morning, and every single day, we wake up to a world full of stories needing to be heard… tales to be told, if only there was people listening… all the while, in such a world, where everyone calls out for attention to their own versions of reality, it can get too noisy… This is the case for advertising. On average, your modern-day individual is bombarded by up to about 3000 ads every single day, through conventional and emerging media. This poses not only the challenge of noise to your consumers, but creates a hurdle for brands to stand out from among a crowd of attention seekers.

Every brand is a story waiting to be told, every product a culture waiting to be experienced… all you have to do is get everything right, the very first time – and every other day after. In the current age, almost every aspect of business is forged and molded around the influence of the internet and social networks. The quirky nature of the current business environment means that your brand’s interactions with its consumers is not only limited to their consumerisms. Your modern brand ‘junkie’ will not only drink form your pitcher… today’s consumers will mold, promote, elevate and critique your brand with equal measure… you best be prepared.

What is the perfect ad idea?

Whether on TV, online, at the bus stops, on billboards, or on vehicles’ body work, the world is overrun with ads yearning for an audience. In the quest to rise above the noise, do not resort to taking the easy way out. Do not go for flashy colors, texts, or images… you might go out saying so much but in the process increase the chances of being misunderstood. The modern day advertising space calls for simplistic, yet fun ideas that not only captivate the audience, but also engage them. Simplicity is the shortest path towards effective communication.

“results begin at the end of your comfort zone” ~ Lisa Curry

Winning social Media campaigns


Social networks have proven to be quite resourceful in the continued growth of the top brands in Kenya and across the globe. So much such that competitive corporate brands can afford to trade banter, funny meme’s and engage in ‘tweefs’ on the social space. Being playful is very effective… after all, laughter is the best medicine! Your fans are more likely to engage with your brand on social networks when you choose to use images/graphics as opposed to text-only updates. Through cleverly made graphics, you can get to exhibit your brand’s culture, your story in the best way you can.

And before I forgot, here’s a cheat-sheet for Facebook. You’ve probably already noticed the difference between a cover photo and a profile photo on Facebook. To be assured that all your fans/friends see you graphic content on their timelines, keep changing your cover photo regularly. The timeline cover photo is given more highlight and your fans will more likely see it than changes to your profile photo… Ow… and don’t forget to add some description or links to a story on the image. This’ll contribute more traffic to your website.

Tear down the fences: Inciting a conversation about your brand

The red-tape and bureaucracies of the yester years have no place in the modern world. The most thriving brands are those that connect, engage and interact with their consumers. It can be hard enough for your brand to go out and reach into the homes of your target audience… if that is the case, let them in… Do you want to spark a conversation about your brand? Let your consumers share their own experiences, even on your own social media pages… retweet or repost them… Best of all, you can give them insider previews of your brand’s life from conceptualization to the final product. Tell them of your history, share your ambitions… share the good times… revel in the sweet memories… in all this, your brand stops being an object to be consumed, but a living culture… an experience.

Giving your consumers/fans an insider’s preview provides them with a personal touch, and pulls them in closer and closer to you. If you can’t get out, you might as well let them in! Engaging with your consumers in this way beats the overrated ‘current trending topics’ on twitter any day! Let your posts be insightful, let them be helpful, give your consumers hints, tips and ‘secrets’… give value to every post on your social media outlets. Make your pages so emotive that your consumers won’t help but revisit your page daily for the ‘feel-good’ feeling it brings with every post. And of course, do not be left out on the current affairs and trending topic… tapping into current affairs gains your brand more traction by increasing your perceived relevance and timeliness.

In all these, the golden rule of consumer engagement is consistency. Make it your goal to give timely and regular updates on your pages… this encourages your fans to always be on the lookout for what your post next.

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